Product Review – Jus-Rol Pizza Bases


Thought I would give a bit of a review of a product I’ve used quite a few times and have found is perfect for those lazy weeknights when you want to use up what ever you have in the fridge.

Jus-Rol Pizza Bases

Some nights even the thought of getting a bag of flour out the cupboard is too much so these are really good to have on stand-by as they are quite long dated (26th Oct use by on mine).

Each pack comes with two rectangular sheets of pizza dough and a jar of tomato sauce. I always put the dough onto a sheet of grease proof paper before I add the topping (found this out the hard way!).

I found turning the edges up slightly gives a nice crispy crust too. The base is thin enough to get crispy in about 10-12 minutes.

Today my topping of choice was fig, parma ham, mozzarella with a drizzle of honey and scattering of fresh mint!


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