Autumn Spiced Sables

Autumn is here!

On a blustery Sunday afternoon there is nothing better than some easy baking!

I was craving some biscuits to go with an extra large cup of tea so decided to try out my new autumn leaf-shaped cutters. These were a bargain at £2.89 on eBay!

I wanted a simple recipe so adapted a BBC recipe and just added a tablespoon of mixed spice to give it a bit more flavour. The dough was quite easy to work with, I did put it in the freezer for 5 mins halfway through to firm up as my kitchen was quite warm.

I ended up with what felt like hundred of these little biscuits because the cutters were quite small. The biscuits were really tasty and melted in the mouth. They were really light, I easily ate my way through 5 or 6 of the little biscuits.

My other half and his two brothers ate the rest whilst playing on the Xbox, they also gave them the thumbs up!

I’m now eyeing up some Halloween and Christmas cutters so watch this space for some more biscuit experimenting!

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