Product Review – Jus-Rol Pizza Bases


Thought I would give a bit of a review of a product I’ve used quite a few times and have found is perfect for those lazy weeknights when you want to use up what ever you have in the fridge.

Jus-Rol Pizza Bases

Some nights even the thought of getting a bag of flour out the cupboard is too much so these are really good to have on stand-by as they are quite long dated (26th Oct use by on mine).

Each pack comes with two rectangular sheets of pizza dough and a jar of tomato sauce. I always put the dough onto a sheet of grease proof paper before I add the topping (found this out the hard way!).

I found turning the edges up slightly gives a nice crispy crust too. The base is thin enough to get crispy in about 10-12 minutes.

Today my topping of choice was fig, parma ham, mozzarella with a drizzle of honey and scattering of fresh mint!


White peach and cardamom crumble

Found a great recipe from one of my favourite blogs –

If you fancy a change from the typical apple crumble this is well worth a try!

The sweet and sugary crumble topping worked so well with the unusual cardamom flavour.

I loved eating those flat, donut peaches but found myself with too many so made this!



Welcome to my blog!

Hello all and welcome to my first ever blog!

My name is Lisa, I’m 25 years old and live in Nottingham with my boyfriend Charlie and my cat Eric.

As the title of the blog suggests most of my posts will be on cats (mostly my own little friend) and my experiments in the cooking and baking world.

Cupcakes and cake pops are always my favourite things to make…but you can’t beat a good chocolate brownie!

I cook mostly for my friends and family whether they like to eat it or not! I want to share some of my own recipes plus some tried and tested favourites I have found along the way.

Looking forward to starting my blogging adventure!

Lisa x