National Cupcake Week!

Happy National Cupcake Week everyone!

National Cupcake Week

Over recent months there have been vicious rumours that cupcakes are going out of fashion…never I say!

Why else would we dedicate a whole week to these delicious, pretty little cakes!

There are too many cupcakes around for me to list in this blog but below are my top 5 recipe ideas for you to try this cupcake week!

Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake and what’s wrong with plain old vanilla?

As the recipe suggests, this is a tried and tested favourite!  A perfect cupcake for you to add your own toppings to!

Mojitio Cupcakeshold onto to that summer feeling!

Relive those summer cocktails in Canaries with these boozy cupcakes. I’ve made these before for friends and they are a firm favourite!

Pumpkin Cupcakesautumn is well and truly here, embrace it with the seasonal lovelies!

I haven’t made these yummy cupcakes yet but I’m very excited to try them! (You can get canned pumpkin from larger Waitrose stores).

Fast Food Cupcakesnot for the beginner baker but these look like great fun!

There is never anything boring about a blog post from Bakerella and this one doesn’t disappoint. Cupcakes are so versatile, you can have great fun trying out new ideas!

Hummingbird Chocolate Cupcakesfrom the famous London Hummingbird Bakery which makes gorgeous American-style cakes. Seriously delicious!

For the chocoholics amongst you this is the perfect indulgent treat!

I hope this post hasn’t made you too hungry and has inspired you to dust off your mixers and get baking some fabulous cupcakes!

I will be adding a sugarcraft blog post this weekend when I will be spending the afternoon in my kitchen trying out some new and old cupcake topper ideas!

To find out more about National Cupcake Week check out their website